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Case Studies/E-Business Strategy Services Framework for Management Consultancy

Business Challenge

Rapidly develop e-business strategy consulting services that both maximized traditional Firm competencies and stretched beyond traditional services.  Deliver four-month project in one month by leveraging engagement manager?s former technology services development experience and the e-business strategy services framework that I had developed several months earlier.


E-Business strategy Subject Matter Expert with lead role for strategy services.


Met very aggressive schedule by dividing and conquering the material.  Took the lead in creating several deliverables, notably the core offering of the e-business strategy consulting services framework and the special market-driven offerings of the e-business strategy consulting services framework. During research phase, leveraged significant internal network to identify major e-business initiatives and resources relevant to the project, contributing to reaching project goals in far less time than originally projected.


  • Completed the engagement on time, with a far lower budget and fewer resources than were originally planned for it by leveraging team members? complementary experiences.
  • Worked double time on the project: by day participated in team discussions to work through concepts of the service offerings; did extensive work at night on the deliverables.
  • Team?s work was of high strategic value to the Firm in that it provided guidance as to what kinds of e-business strategy services practitioners could offer and deliver in the field. 

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