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Our experience and tools enable us to manage risk and reduce engagement length.


How We Work

At CSRA, we configure our expertise, process and technique to your individual needs. We leverage our experience, approach and tools, but we approach each situation without preconception. Here is a very broad, select sample of some of the ways we work with our clients:

  • Conduct interactive executive workshops to facilitate your understanding of emerging trends and your business. We use a variety of fast-cycle techniques such as scenario envisioning. We often supplement our research with subject matter experts.
  • Provide guidance on using emerging technologies, processes and approaches for business development, marketing research, product/service development, customer service, recruiting, partnering. Examples are LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, Twitter, YouTube.
  • Mentor your employees and business partners on the new "social graces" in new social milieux. How to act in numerous situations such as facing negative criticism of your product, environmental policy, manufacturing, workers' rights policy, etc.
  • Primary research into emerging trends among customer and prospect groups.
  • Create staged plans for engaging customers to create community and passion around the experience that your offerings enable. Create situations in which customers advise each other and collaborate with you to create new offerings.
  • Strategy and launch programs for new revenue streams.
  • Initiatives to maximize word of mouth marketing; how to help customers to help you.
  • Assistance with launching wikis, blogs, social tagging and other Web 2.0 solutions. Help you meet the providers of these new services.
  • Advice on integrating new initiatives with your existing customer relationship practices and processes. We show you how to get your activities with print, multimedia, online, sales and customer service to synch with your activity with social networks.

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