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Services/Social Network Roadmap

The Social Network Roadmap enables organizations to adopt Web 2.0 aggressively by mitigating risk, and we currently work with it along two tracks: Pilot and Enterprise.

CSRA beta launched the Social Network and Web 2.0 Roadmap at the Social Networking Conference in San Francisco. The Social Network Roadmap (SNR) is a modular yet global approach to determining how your organization might best adopt Web 2.0 and social networking: we guide you in discovering what your customers, partners and competitors are doing in these emerging venues, what the adoption rate is in your industry and how you can apply these new technologies and behaviors to your business while mitigating risk. The roadmap applies equally to B2B and B2C businesses. Here is an overview of the Enterprise Track:

  • Due Diligence
    • Vision
    • Pilot Prequalification
    • I.T. Due Diligence
  • Baseline
    • Current state results
  • Benchmarking
    • Review open networks
  • Governance
    • Policies & rules
    • Define boundaries
  • Metrics
    • Measure pilots
  • Adoption plan
    • Pilots, training
    • Alumni programs
  • Apply process innovation
    • Business Development/sales
    • Client service
    • Human resources/recruiting
    • Marketing research
    • R&D
    • Product development
    • Public Relations
  • Manage risk through Pilot, Scale and Interation subphases
    • Pilot: learn what works
    • Scale: grow it
    • Integrate: broaden it

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