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Services are comprised of our approaches and resources according to your needs.

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At the core of our services is helping CEOs, CMOs and CIOs to use disruptions like social business and Web 3.0 to seize unusual advantage. We guide clients in applying social networks to their business processes. Our risk mitigation approach helps clients to pursue daring initiatives and achieve their goals more often by making fewer mistakes. Due to the strategic nature of our work, we usually serve as facilitators and partner with our client's management.

Our main paths to market are the Social Network Roadmap(SM) methodology and tools and the Executive's Guide to Social Networks. In general, the Social Network Roadmap is strategy: it helps decide where, when and with whom you want to commit scarce resources to social business. The Executive's Guide to Social Networks is execution services, focused on major platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging, YouTube, Foursquare, etc. We also provide more general business strategy services.

Social Network Roadmap Executive's Guide to Social Networks
Methodology and tools for strategy, design and management of social networking initiatives. Helps select platforms; offered in 3 tracks Tools for design, execution and management of social networking initiatives with major platforms & solutions
Social Network Roadmap Preliminary track
  • Executive briefings and workshops for management teams
  • Ideal for bringing your team current on social network trends and how they are affecting your industry and firm
  • Features exercises, concrete goals and materials
  • Usually 1/2 day to 2 days
  • Occasionally offered publicly
Social Network Roadmap Pilot track
  • Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit
  • Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment
  • Web 2.0 Pilot(s)
Social Network Roadmap Enterprise track
  • Feasibility
    • Due diligence
    • Baseline
    • Governance
  • Strategy
    • Web 2.0 Ecosystem Audit
    • Web 2.0 Readiness Assessment
    • Web 2.0 Competency Team
  • Execution
    • Pilot
    • Integrate
    • Scale
Executive's Guide to LinkedIn Executive's Guide to Twitter Executive's Guide to Facebook Executive's Guide to Google+ Executive's Guide to Blogging & Wikis

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