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We excel at mentoring to transfer new hands-on operating skills to your team


What We Do

At CSRA, we serve clients across all phases of the strategy life cycle. We create a collaborative engagement team with your employees, partners and our consultants. We help your company to understand disruptive market phenomena and how they affect your business by changing the context around you. We also help you to perceive what business your company is really in and how you can increase value in the new context. We create a future state and strategy for how to achieve it. We support your team in implementing the strategy.

Although clients have diverse needs, most of our work follows a pattern:

  • We quickly brief you on the disruption—for example, 1) how your customers, competitors and other stakeholders are using social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, social tagging and other Web 2.0 sites to communicate independently of you or 2) how to compete with new competitors from emerging markets. This helps you to understand the new changes in the market.
  • We look at your company and your industry. Many companies get in the habit of defining themselves in terms of how they do things. Disruptive change interrupts the how. We help you to understand your core value proposition that transcends the how. This grounds your team and prepares them to lead new initiatives.
  • Now that you have your arms around what's new and what your core value is, we guide you in creating a future state and strategy for how you will get there. This gives you perspective. It's your keel.
  • We help you to make it happen by mentoring and guiding you to make changes in how you communicate and interact with customers, partners and other stakeholders. We also source and manage external subject matter experts.
  • Because customer relationships are the bedrock of your business, our approach is generally to guide you and transfer knowledge to your team, so you become the experts as quickly as possible.

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