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When a logo appears more than once, that means I have multiple accounts on that platform; mouse over to see usernames; most are "csrollyson"

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Here is a big part of my ecosystem, which is organized in 4 areas: personal, Global Human Capital (drivers), the Social Network Roadmap (strategy) and Executive's Guides (platforms).

Email is fastest for most things. If you prefer something more linear, here's a text version ;^)

+1.312.235.2753 (ofc) * +1.312.925.1549 (mob) skype = csrollyson**


3270 N. Lake Shore
Drive, Chicago, IL
60657 USA

*(Short Message Service) email me a text message up to 115 characters, which I'll receive on my iPhone.
**VoIP: IM, call and tele/video conference globally at no cost (

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