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Read the Summer 2001 Wrap.. thoughts on the Web 1.0 melt-down

Resources/Summer 2001 Review

As the fall dawns, the unknown reigns, and e-business enthusiasts are wondering what the rest of the year will hold.

Certainly the change that has happened this year is remarkable and revealing, especially when you know where to look.

The leaders of public Internet companies were incented to gloss over the complexities of delivering value, the idea of the value proposition was fairly simple, and the media loved it because it sold ad pages, so everyone was off to the races...

Now that the hype of first stage of the revolution has ended, we are left with the substance of the changes that everyone was talking about.

The summer wrap-up will give you the latest on:

  • Likely e-business activity
  • What is the fate of "Internet time"?
  • Will strategy rise from the doldrums?
  • A novel approach to creating value for corporations and startups

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